Applications of Wize mounts

Due to the rapid development of AV technologies and its expansion into new markets, the demand on reliable and professional mounts with innovative solutions is growing.

Wize mounts meet these challenges very easily and allow you to carry out an installation of any complexity, having an extensive range of high quality products to choose from. Our comprehensive product line covers a range of applications and continues to grow with the AV industry demands. Wize mounts are used in such areas as Digital Signage, bars and restaurants, broadcasting, education, hospitality, corporate, security and home entertainment.

Bars and restaurants

Applications of Wize mounts - Бары и рестораны

Bars and restaurants are great places to enjoy an exciting sporting event on the big screen. Wize engineers know how important it is to provide a wide variety of viewing angles to be seen from anywhere in the room, so that every visitor feels comfortable. Wize model range can always offer a reliable and innovative solution for any display or projector at an attractive price.


Applications of Wize mounts - Broadcasting

To ensure an effective and streamlined process of TV production a huge amount of AV equipment is required. Characterized by a full line of robust models with complete functionality and designed for many years of service, professional solutions from Wize make a significant contribution to the perfect performance of the entire system. Carts, stands, wall and ceiling mounts meet any challenge at the highest level.


Applications of Wize mounts - Corporate

The presentation at a business meeting requires extreme concentration of attention of all participants. Wize mount solutions for meeting rooms and conference halls will help integrate all the necessary AV equipment for a  professional installation and organize the negotiation process perfectly for a successful meeting. 

Digital Signage

Applications of Wize mounts - Digital Signage

Requirements for Digital Signage depend on the configuration, the location of equipment and a number of other factors. The extensive line of mount solutions of Wize takes into account all the required features of these advertising and information networks, and offers solutions for any application. Highly experienced in Digital Signage, engineers of Wize can offer both standard options and customized solutions for each customer.


Applications of Wize mounts - Education

The role of innovation technologies in education is growing from year to year. Presently the educational process can’t do without presentations, so rely on Wize for all of your projector and screen mounting needs. Wize engineers understand that the educational process needs mobility, therefore we offer great solutions – mobile carts and stands for ability to move AV equipment from classroom to classroom. It doesn’t matter how education market changes, Wize will continue to support it with new innovative solutions!

Entertainment venues, stadiums, arenas

Applications of Wize mounts - Entertainment venues, stadiums, arenas

Events with thousands of people require huge screens and displays. The comprehensive product line of Wize provides solutions for equipment of all sizes. In addition to standard options, Wize experts apply individual approaches to specific requirements of each client. Wize has unique solutions for various types of materials and surfaces that provide reliable installation throughout the entire period of service.


Applications of Wize mounts - Healthcare

Healthcare is an area where constant flow of the most innovative and fresh ideas and their early implementation in practice is literally vital. The Wize product line has a huge choice of ceiling and wall mounts for installing a wide range of medical equipment.

Home entertainment

Applications of Wize mounts - Home entertainment

Entertainment and recreation are becoming more and more important part of modern houses. Our specialists offer a wide range of solutions for home entertainment. Wize has a large selection of reliable and aesthetically pleasing mounts ready to be shipped on the first request. Wize solutions for home entertainment bring a lot of happy moments to people, while providing an atmosphere of reliability and comfort to the interior.

Information Technology

Applications of Wize mounts - Information Technology

Fast developing information technology market requires modern and ergonomic solutions in the AV equipment for users’ growing needs. Wize specialists have developed a line of innovative mounts that help AV equipment to easily integrate into current IT infrastructure and fit any office interior.

Hospitality business

Applications of Wize mounts - Hospitality business

Guests want to get the maximum comfort staying at a hotel. Aesthetically pleasing and ergonomic Wize mounts help to renovate the interior of rooms, giving them a cozy atmosphere and allowing efficient use of space. In addition to the mounts for hotel rooms, the Wize product line provides solutions for corporate events - conferences, seminars, round tables.

Rental and Staging

Applications of Wize mounts - Rental and Staging

Contemporary staging requires unique solutions for the installations that would be both mobile and esthetic. The Wize product line provides stands and carts for usage in various performances and shows. Durable, lightweight and compact Wize mounts are essential for staging and take up little space when stored.


Applications of Wize mounts - Security

The Security Center is an informational unit that brings data and the total facility management together, where a large number of displays are necessary. Wize premium quality mounts provide professional installation of equipment and help security staff in the implementation of their difficult, but highly important responsibilities.



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