Choosing a TV bracket

Back in the day big and “fat” television sets were proudly put into the brightest and prettiest spot in the room on the top of a desk. It was a place of pride for the family to present this piece of technology to all friends and relatives.

However, with the advancement of technology television sets have become much thinner and there was no need to put them on an extra table. The possibility of simply putting them onto a wall emerged on the horizon. But with that comes a problem: what is the best way to stick a TV to a wall and still enjoy the entertainment part. That is what we are going to talk about today!

First of all, you need to make sure if your wall is even strong enough to handle a TV. Even though today’s flat screens are much lighter than our grandpas, they are still heavier than regular stuff you hang on the wall.

A suitable TV hanging wall should have at least one stud. Use a stud finder to determine the amount of studs on your wall, in case you were not familiar with them.

You may also want to consider mounting your tv bracket for 42 inch over a fireplace. But in this case, you have a few things to keep in mind:

- Some Liquid Crystal Displays are very vulnerable to fire extractions and they may deteriorate in terms of quality.

- Flat screens, put over a fireplace, are usually placed towards the rooftop. Therefore, you might suffer from stiffness in your necks after a long cinema night.

- It is no secret that fire produces a lot of heat. Heat may be quite damaging to electronic devices and it may significantly even reduce their lifetime.

So, all in all, you definitely need a true professional of his craft in order to put a fireplace and an LCD TV in one room.

Apart from the Television set itself you also need to take your time and prepare its components. Think where you will put your speakers. Cable boxes should also be easily accessible if you need to unplug something. Therefore, TV cord absolutely have to be untied.

For that you would have to buy a tv mount for 42 inch tv which is able to be moved forward. Most Television models have all of their cable holes at the back. Hence, this solution will be quite useful in this case.

Messed up cords can be quite annoying. So, it would be a great idea to call a technician and ask him to place a power outlet behind your TV. Like this, you won’t struggle with the noise of those nerve raking and swindling cords behind the TV while watching a movie.

Having the right viewing angle can be a game-changer whether your friends will say a regular god buy after a movie evening or hug you, screaming and thanking you for the experience. So, in order for your 42 inch flat screen wall mount to be flexible with the angle position, you should purchase the right mount. The one which is able to turn left and right, down and up depending on the circumstances.

So, as you can see, purchasing the latest TV model is the end solution. You constantly need to add or remove something to keep your home cinema up to date with the current technological trends.



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