Buying a TV mount

It can be quite a troublesome task to not only choose but also place a wall mount. It is very difficult to find the right materials, go to the right store and actually buy the right wall mount. If it was that easy you probably won’t be reading this article right now. So, pay close attention and you better right this tuff down because it will definitely help you to set up your wall mount for television!

First and foremost, you absolutely need to have all the instruments and tools. Without them, it would be really tough to adjust your mount by yourself or you will have to pay a lot of money to the servicemen. So, get yourself a screwdriver, a socket wrench, a tape measure, a stud finder, you name it. That the least of what you really need.

Important factors to keep in mind while choosing the perfect spot for the wall TV rack. You've got to think about the light levels or the viewing height. Sure enough, there are a lot more important specifics in this game, but let’s talk about them in detail later on.

So, let’s have a closer look at various categories of TV mounts. Anywhere you go shop vendors will try to deceive you by naming all kinds of fancy words just to look smart in front of their customers. Me, personally, I got this number down to the 3 main categories of wall tv racks: fixed, tilt and articulating.

Let’s examine each category in further detail. As you can already guess, fixed amounts are exactly what they sound like. They glued to your wall. However, they may also move a bit to the right and left in case the studs are not perfectly centered. Their key advantage is that they do not cost much because they have a lot less materials and their design and manufacturing process is fairly naïve and obvious.

They are very narrow, and their thickness is usually less than 3 centimetres! When buying a fixed TV wall mount, you need to be exactly sure of the place where you put it. Hence, it will be very difficult to replace it in the future. So, take your time while choosing the place for a LED TV mounting bracket!

Tilt wall mounts are usually considered the classical ones. As the name unveils itself, a tilt wall mount is slightly tilted up or down to the maximum of 30 degrees. The tilt TV wall mounts are definitely better than their fixed version. You can easily reposition the screen if you feel laying on your sofa while watching TV. On the other hand, you may also tilt it a little bit backwards if you want to have some drinks at the bar with your friends while enjoying the football game!

Articulating TV mounts is an amazing mix between fixed and tilt TV flat panel mounts. It has a lot of advantages among previous kinds of mounts, for instance, you could shift them forward or backward, left or right. Wherever you want to! There is also an option of literally pressing your TV out of the wall if you want to have a closer look.

Despite the fact that the wall stand price of Articulating TV is pretty high be sure that if you buy it you will never regret because it's the best choice for you comfort.



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