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In 2018 we live in a world of technology. The world of constant change where nothing stays the exactly the same for two consecutive days. Staying up to date with news is crucial. The most basic thing to have for it is a Television device. That is cool but there is one more important thing which absolutely cannot be underrated – that is the display mount.

The display mount is key hence it basically holds together your entire TV network and supports it. A good TV mount can be a difference maker whether you would have a home cinema experience or a Sony TV-110UK (a famous TV model of 70s).

Let’s look at some cases of how Wall TV mounts can be implemented in various industries:

- Restaurants and cafes: These are the classic places to watch sports or just entertain yourself using a TV. We all do know how packed these locations are on Friday nights. Therefore, you certainly need a TV, capable of turning at any imaginable angle. A swivel TV wall mount 55 does just that! Your evening would as great as never before!

- Broadcasting at TV studios: Hosting a television broadcast is a very challenging task with a lot of hidden stones which can fall under your legs. In order to sustain this long-term, wall brackets 55 inch TV are certainly a star player in this problem. You need cart stands, wall and ceiling mounts for this whole network to function properly.

- Corporative solutions: At Wize, we provide AV solutions for meeting rooms and conference halls. So, all of the employees stay on the same track at any point of the day. That way your negotiation process will become much easier and the productivity and efficiency of your workers will significantly increase.

- Digital signage: We have all at least seen photos or videos of the Times Square in New York. What has impressed us the most? It is probably those huge LED screens with advertising running on them 24/7. Well, in order to organize and host such a campaign, a big room with a lot of 55 inch TVs on a mount wall are needed in the back office. There they do all the preliminary calculations.

- School: It is very important in today’s world to use modern technologies at educational entities. For that, our company Wize suits you up with awesome TV mounts, so teachers would be able to demonstrate an informative presentation to their students. And even looking in the future, we are still fully prepared and equipped because our technology is so flexible that it can be adjusted to any circumstances.

- Arenas: Being well informed at a big sporting event like Superbowl or at a Jaz-Z concert is surely an advantage. Like this all of the fans can get the information in case something unpredictable happens. It also helps to make their staying more secure. Our TV mounts will help for sure in this case.

As you could see, the sky is the limit for Wize TV mounts solutions. Wize products are applicable in any industry possible. Moreover, there are very easy to install and can be quickly replaced if necessary. So, stay tuned we got a lot of stuff coming up on the horizon!



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